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Career Fair: Engaging New Talent

Technoform Group's involvement at the career fair at Case Western Reserve University on October 5th was an engaging experience.

Career Fair: Engaging New Talent

We made an impression at the fair by focusing on our culture of innovation and style of working. We used a smart white board to engage with students where they shared their experiences and expressed their thoughts on "What innovation means to them".   We also had 8 floor stickers highlighting our unique culture which became topics for conversation and gauging their initiative to ask us more questions. 

We received a tremendous response, including from our existing interns who did promotion of Technoform beforehand using their experience working here. Thanks to Rachel, Evan and Yian!

This will be followed by a Technoform Candidate Days; a hiring event in early next year for interns for 2018. 

Interested in spending a day with us?  Send your resume to

We are seeking diverse talent across a wide range of skills and competencies including:

Operations Management

Continuous Process Improvement

Global Networking

Business Processes

Financial Strategy

Custom Finishing Processes

Performance Rate/Production

Strategy Planning

New Product Design

Customer Service

Sales & Marketing

Project Management