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Green, Resilient Buildings After Harvey

Posted Sept. 1st, 2017 by Mark Silverberg on

While tropical storm Harvey spins its web of destruction over the Gulf Coast, our thoughts first turn to concern for, and how we can help, our fellow citizens. I don’t favor one charity over another – only encourage us all to do what we can to relieve the suffering.

When the storm subsides and people are safe once again, our next concern will be rebuilding and prevention of future disasters. In that light, the recent executive order, issued just days before Harvey, will hopefully be reconsidered. This order revoked a previous directive that had established flood-risk standards for federally funded infrastructure projects built in areas prone to flooding or subject to the effects of sea-level rise.

Green Building Data and Trends

Recent political shifts on the national level regarding energy and resilience policy raise questions on how these changes will impact green building trends. Policy changes regarding Energy Star, the Paris Climate accord, tax credits for renewable energy sources and others have inserted doubt in many markets affected by green and energy-efficient construction. What’s at risk and what will continue to go forward?

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