Technoform Glassinsulation

Colors and Sizes

At Technoform Glass Insulation we do our best to fulfill all our customer needs and we welcome all customer requests and customizations. Currently TGI®-Muntins are available in range of colors including Black (RAL9005) and Light Grey (RAL7035), and in numerous sizes.

  • 21.5mm Height X 9.5mm Width, 21.5mm Height X 11.5mm Width
  • 25.5mm Height X 9.5mm Width, 25.5mm Height X 11.5mm Width
  • 31.5mm Height X 9.5mm Width, 31.5mm Height X 11.5mm Width
Colors and Sizes




TGI®-Muntins are connected using cross-shaped connectors, which can also be supplied directly from Technoform Glass Insulation.

The connection between the TGI®-Spacer and the TGI®-Muntin bar at the edge of the insulating glass unit can be achieved using press-in plugs which are fixed in place with common methods such as staples or screws.